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Fencing Products - Flexipole Composite Revolution


Flexipole Composite Revolution

Flexipole industries are an innovative Western Australian company providing composite products from sustainable materials. Flexipole’s composite bollard, fence and tree stake products are recyclable, and have an extremely long life. The products resist rot, salt, termites and UV and are incredibly strong and flexible.

Composite Fencing

The composite products provide ecofriendly properties. The fences are all able to sustain small bush fires, resist most chemicals and leach no harmful chemicals. The composite product resists insect infestation, is food standard safe and very suitable for areas where children play as there is no splintering. The product also offers a high electrical resistance of 1000v per 25mm.


We provide a range of bollards made from solid recycled plastic, along with hollow fibreglass style that can be concrete filled.

Composite Tree Stakes

The tree stakes that Flexipole produce are made from solid recycled plastic. The stakes can come with a steel rod inside or without. They are able to handle the tough Australian climate. Termites have no interest in this product, so it is very handy in the northern parts of Australia where the termites would eat anything that stays still for too long! The standard colour most people prefer is charcoal as it blends well with the environment.