About us

Flexipole Industries.

We are a wholly Western Australian owned company. We can help, whatever your fencing needs, by assisting with selection of the best combinations from our ever-expanding product range, right through to our On Site Installation Service.

The Flexipole Composite Post is produced from sustainable materials. It is chemical and toxin free, recyclable, and has an extremely long life. It resists rot, salt, termites and UV, is incredibly strong and flexible where it needs to be, and has emerged triumphant from field and university testing.

Flexipole Industries represents a far-seeing response to a real need. Our local hardwood supplies are rapidly dwindling. When we became fully aware of the potential environmental problems embedded in the toxic, heavy metals of treated timber, (see related links) we knew there had to be a better, more scientific and environmentally friendly solution.

Sourcing New Opportunities

Flexipole Industries will continue to source and showcase new opportunities that offer breakthrough technology or proven performance showing substantial cost savings to the end consumer.

Regularly browse our website to keep informed of new products being introduced.