Woodshield Post & Rail

WoodShield Timber Posts

WoodShield timber posts have been specifically created for use in the Viticulture, Aquaculture, Equine and general Agricultural industries.

Our timber fencing posts and rails have equivalent strength and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and lifespan of polyethylene.

WoodShield posts are a cost effective non-chemical option and many property owners have had WoodShield posts in the ground for up to five years. They are also ideal for organic growers and eco applications.

Made to Last

The process creates a strong adhesive bond between the timber and the plastic sheath completely sealing the post, leaving no timber exposed. The post ends are protected with very thick end caps which enable the posts to be hydraulically “whacked” into the ground exactly as a standard timber post would be.

The WoodShield process machines an untreated pine post to 75mm (standard post) and 113mm (row end post) then a protective layer of plastic up to 6mm is applied to encase the post to a finished size of 83mm and 124mm respectively.





Woodshield Barriers